Gardens are central to God's Story. In a sense, gardens frame the actions of God from the first book of Genesis to the last book of Revelation.  There are gardens of greed (Naboth's vineyard) and gardens of shame (Eden). The greatest garden of the Bible is the garden of resurrection and new life... the garden where Our Risen Lord Jesus encountered Mary.  

Gardens are also central to the life and ministry of Our Savior Lutheran Church.  For over 10 years, our Community Garden has been providing nourishment and wholeness to those in Mesquite and East Dallas.  For our gardeners, it has been a place of hard work, renewal in God's creation, and the formation of friendship.  God has used the Jody Davis Seeds of Faith Community Garden to be a resurrection garden, both for our community and for those in need. 

We invite you to get on your gardening gloves and share in the joy that we have in helping produce seeds of faith and new life.  Our gardeners see miracles happen as seed, and soil, and sun are nourished by life-giving waters of grace.  Our garden is only temporary, however.  One day, God will again turn the whole world into a marvelous garden bearing the fruit of eternal life. 

This garden is a ministry of Our Savior Lutheran Church, providing organic vegetables to local food pantries. We welcome members of the community to garden with us.