One of the strongest words in any language is 'home.'  Home is a place in our heart, a place to feel safe, a place to belong.  How devastating it is to not have a home. 

Many people in the world today (almost 30 million or more) are deprived of home.  Our Savior Lutheran Church endeavors to be a home through our Bethlehem House Refugee Ministry.  Already about 30 family units from over a dozen countries have found the beginnings of a new home under the Bethlehem House roof.  At times, that roof provides rest like a manger or sleep like a hotel or friendship like a house, but always it is our goal to be a home.  Of course, a home is more than a building.  A home is our Lord, Jesus Christ, whose arms still welcome refugees as they welcomed Mary, Joseph, and the newborn baby... home in Bethlehem. 

Our Refugee Ministry includes transportation (to work, school, shopping, dentists, doctors, and trips to the airport!), housework, house repairs, gardening, mentoring, and teaching English.